"We've played Adnan in games and we've rested him in others to give him a bit of a breather... we have to make sure that in two or three years he's still reaching the levels we hope he can reach."

- Phil Neville

01/03/2014 09:00, Report by Nick Coppack
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Adnan rise cheers Neville

And while it’s Adnan’s star that’s currently on the rise, Neville is confident others will soon follow the same journey from youth level to senior football.

“When a young player joins this club we treat them all the same. Can they play football for Manchester United? Can they handle the pressure? Do they have the courage to take the ball in front of 75,000 people? Have they got the determination and desire to succeed? 

“We hope Adnan is just one of many players over the next five years that comes through and plays for the first team.”

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