08/05/2014 21:04, Report by A Marshall & R Grant
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Giggs: Managing is tough

Ryan Giggs admits taking temporary charge of Manchester United has been a baptism of fire .

The interim manager has come into the job at the tail-end of the season when a great deal of planning is required for the summer and the 2014/2015 campaign. Although he concedes there are times when it has been difficult, the Reds' most decorated player says he is learning immeasurably from the role.

"It’s a strange experience for me, but one I've enjoyed," Giggs told MUTV during Thursday's Player of the Year Awards. "It’s been a great experience, to be fair. We’re at a stage the season where so many things need to get sorted out, so it’s probably the most hectic time. I’ve had lots of help from both the staff and the players, so it’s not just me, it’s a team effort.

"It's just the things that you don’t expect to do and everybody wants a piece of you during the day. It’s best to stay in your office and hide because as soon as you come out, somebody wants something! The football side of things is no problem, it’s just all the other stuff.

“It’s a totally different experience than any of your coaching badges, which prepare you the best they can. But it isn’t until you actually experience it, that you know whether or not you are going to like it. There have been times when I’ve felt it has been a headache and times when it’s just so rewarding, like the good results we’ve had or a good training session which the lads

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