Which song is your favourite?

1) Wrote For Luck
2) How Soon Is Now?
3) The Only One I Know
4) F.E.A.R.
5) Dirty Old Town

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19/10/2012 15:10, Report by Nick Coppack
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You're the DJ: Part four

words, beginning with the letters F, E, A and R) often grab the headlines. But don't ignore the tune: laced with strings and synths it's gloriously uplifting.

The Pogues – Dirty Old Town (1985)
A Ewan MacColl song from 1949 made famous by The Pogues' jaunty mid-80s version, it's a tune written about Salford featuring evocative lines about Manchester's gasworks and canals. Pogues singer Shane MacGowan is a massive Red.

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