Help us show off the city to those who have never been. Skylines, buildings, parks, sunshine... if it's part of Manchester, we want to share your images with the world.

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17/10/2012 09:36, Report by Nick Coppack

Wanted: Manchester photos

There's more to Manchester than Old Trafford. Much more.

And yet, for those not lucky enough to have visited the Theatre of Dreams, odds are it's the only thing they've seen of our fair city.

Granted, Old Trafford is impressive. But there are plenty of other locations in Manchester worth celebrating.

To help give our global fan base a taste of what Manchester has to offer, we're calling on local supporters (and those who have visited the city in the past) to submit photographs that encapsulate what the city means to you.

The city skyline viewed from afar? A carpet of autumn leaves in one of Manchester's many parks? Sunset over Old Trafford? Rain streaming down a foggy window?

If you've got a photo that screams "Manchester", send it to We'll collate all the submissions and publish our favourites before the end of the month.

To get you started, click on the main image above to launch a gallery of Manchester pictures taken by some of the very people who work at Old Trafford.

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