"George Best was the man."

- Ian Brown, The Stone Roses (pictured)

"George had pop-star qualities: the hair, the fast cars, the women…”

- Mick Hucknall, Simply Red 

18/10/2012 18:25, Report by Johnny Sharp, Steve Morgan
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Sounds of M'cr: Part one

“There’d be a posse of little kids waiting outside his boutique to see him,” recalls Brown. “He’d come back with a big bag of Blackjack chews, hand ’em out and tell us all to run along.”

Around the same time, four-year-old Gary "Mani" Mounfield was taken by his dad to a reserve game against Ipswich Town in 1967. A veteration of relegation in 1974, and on through the dark days of the late 1970s and early 80s he was, aptly, given his band’s back catalogue, still around for the resurrection under Sir Alex.

Three-quarters of The Stone Roses were Reds (Reni was a former City ball-boy), and a year or two after the band split, John Squire told the NME what he missed most was “having someone to go to the match with.”

Part two to be published Friday 19 October.

Image © Kevin Cummins. Photo from Kevin Cummins' book, Manchester: Looking for the Light Through the Pouring Rain (Faber and Faber).

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