20/10/2012 10:00, Report by Johnny Sharp, Steve Morgan
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Sounds of M'cr: Part 3

In late 2007, Inside United explored the links between football and music in Manchester. Now we're revisiting that piece. Here's part three...

In the latter half of the 1980s, the kind of people who went to football began forming half-decent bands, especially in Manchester. The two worlds were converging.

Happy Mondays were formed by the kind of ne’er-do-well urchins who’d have been dubbed "footy casuals" a couple of years earlier. Likewise, The Stone Roses were ordinary lads who’d grown up immersed in football as well as music. “After punk happened, working-class kids who’d grown up dreaming of football realised they could do music, too,” says Stone Roses guitarist Mani.

Around the same time, acid house was taking off, and the resulting "summer of love" spirit is oft-credited for reducing violence at matches and making for a more upbeat, less intimidating atmosphere. Warren "Dermo" Dermody was going to games during the time his band Northside – another signing to Anthony Wilson’s Factory label – were enjoying chart success. He believes the music scene had a big effect on the terraces.

“I used to know a lot of nutters, but once they got into music, they chilled out. It wasn’t about

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Hacienda days

“I had to turf Ryan Giggs off my car one time. He was sitting on it outside the club!”

- Peter Hook, Joy Division & New Order


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