20/10/2012 10:00, Report by Johnny Sharp, Steve Morgan
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Sounds of M'cr: Part 3

“I used to know a lot of nutters, but once they got into music, they chilled out. It wasn’t about the violence any more – it was one big party. Lads from United and City who used to swap punches were slapping hands in the Haçienda!”

By the turn of the decade, "Madchester" was the place to be seen, and The Stone Roses and Happy Mondays were the epitome of cool. The clothes were baggy, designed for dancing in, the hair floppy and the accent unashamedly Mancunian. “It was kids from council estates who were in the bands, wearing the clothes and going on the terraces,” says Dermo. “It’s all connected in Manchester.”

Pop stars on the terraces became a common sight. Mani, John Squire and Ian Brown were there for United’s famous night in Rotterdam in 1991, and the appreciation was mutual. Peter Schmeichel and Brian McClair were both seen at a Roses gig around that time and footballers were also regularly clocked at the Haçienda.

“I had to turf Ryan Giggs off my car one time,” laughs Peter Hook (pictured). “He was sitting on it outside the club!”

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Hacienda days

“I had to turf Ryan Giggs off my car one time. He was sitting on it outside the club!”

- Peter Hook, Joy Division & New Order


Premier League