Which song is your favourite?

1) Pacific State
2) I Am The Resurrection
3) This Is How It Feels
4) One Day Like This
5) I'm A Believer

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18/10/2012 09:29, Report by Alan Beck
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Music vote: Part three

embedded in the national consciousness, having become every TV producer's musical shorthand for "the emotional ending". Overexposure aside, though, it's actually quite a lovely song, with Guy Garvey's vocals soaring over layered violins and a driving beat. Best enjoyed among 20,000 festival-goers.

The Monkees – I’m A Believer (1966)
Okay, there's only a tangential relationship between The Monkees and Manchester – singer Davy Jones was born in Openshaw – but this track is the one everyone remembers. Another mean organ-stab riff and twangly guitar underpin the sweet story of Micky Dolenz's conversion from love-lorn to love-struck in the blink of a beautiful eye. A perfect piece of  60s bubble-gum pop.

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