Which song is your favourite?

1) Love Will Tear Us Apart
2) Getting Away With It
3) Bittersweet Symphony
4) Barcelona
5) Stayin' Alive

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16/10/2012 15:00, Report by Nick Coppack
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Russell Watson/ Shaun Ryder – Barcelona (2000)
The NME summed up this tune perfectly at the time. “What a stunningly stupid idea. What a shockingly great record.” The voice of an angel paired with one of the maddest men of the Madchester movement. And yet somehow it works.  Watson sung the song (not this version!) before United’s last-day league win over Spurs in 1999 to help inspire the first leg of the Treble.

Bee Gees – Stayin’ Alive (1977)
Not strictly a Manchester band, but the Bee Gees spent almost a dozen years growing up in the shadow of Old Trafford so have strong associations with the city. This song epitomises 1970s disco and still fills dancefloors around the world.

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