Which song is your favourite?

1) Bizarre Love Triangle
2) Sit Down
3) Reverend Black Grape
4) Galvanize
5) Rule The World

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17/10/2012 13:00, Report by Ian McLeish
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Chemical Brothers – Galvanize (2005)
Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons may not be from Manchester but they met and formed the Chemical Brothers at Manchester University, and Ed is a passionate United fan as anyone who follows him on Twitter (@eddychemical) will tell you. Galvanize was released in 2005 but heavily soundtracked the London 2012 Olympics.

Take That – Rule The World (2007)
The original boy band that grew up, Take That performed this anthemic ballad at the London 2012 Olympic Closing Ceremony just as the Olympic flame was being extinguished. Formed in Manchester at the start of the 90s, TT are one of the biggest pop acts the UK has ever produced. And while Gary Barlow is a Liverpool fan, Howard Donald and Jason Orange are thought to be United supporters.

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