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19 February 1910
United 3 (Turnbull, Homer, Wall)
Liverpool 4 (Goddard 2, Stewart 2)

Attendance: 45,000 

United: Harry Moger, George Stacey, Vince Hayes, Dick Duckworth, Charlie Roberts, Sam Blott, Billy Meredith, Harold Halse, Tom Homer, Sandy Turnbull, George Wall

Liverpool: Sam Hardy, Tom Chorlton, Tom Rogers, Robbie Robinson, James Harrop, James Bradley, Arthur Goddard, James Stewart, Jack Parkinson, Ronald Orr, John McDonald

Press reaction: "The most handsomest [sic], the most spacious and the most remarkable arena I have ever seen. As a football ground it is unrivalled in the world, it is an honour to Manchester and the home of a team who can do wonders when they are so disposed".
The Sporting Chronicle

12/11/2009 09:00, Report by Steve Bartram
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OT100 #1: Opening day

setback at Old Trafford during 1909/10. The Reds took maximum points from all seven remaining homes games and finished fifth in the First Division - a marked improvement on finishing 13th a year earlier.

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