29/01/2010 09:00, Report by Steve Bartram
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OT100 #79: Little Italy

Milan the trophy for the sixth time in their history.

The Aftermath: Old Trafford's reputation as a venue was only enhanced by the smooth running of the Final. Although the next action seen in M16 was a comparatively low-key Bon Jovi concert, the stadium continued to host England internationals and rugby league's Super League Grand Final, and is a proposed venue in England's bid for the 2018 World Cup.

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What The Papers Said

"The staging of this all-Italian final enhanced the old cotton town's standing as a great sporting city. Getting on for a year after the Commonwealth Games worked as a kind of Viagra for the northern soul, Piccadilly Gardens, in the centre of the city, mutated into a Little Italy of competing passions."
Paul Hayward, The Daily Telegraph

"The build-up had been one of great anticipation. Manchester this week has once again been a centre of celebration and atmosphere. Football bringing together locals and Italians with one thing in common, enjoyment. If only it had been Manchester United walking out. The frustration is that United know that they can beat both of these sides when it matters most."
Brian Woolnough, Daily Star


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