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Global view: The Manchester derby

We canvassed official Manchester United supporters' clubs around the world for their thoughts ahead of Monday's duel with City...

What does the Manchester derby mean to you?

Rok Saje, Slovenia: It means a lot to United fans here because many people in our small country think that all true Mancunians support City after a commentator once said it on TV. We all know they’re wrong and we've started a campaign to try and spread the truth - Manchester is Red!

Ville Romppainen, Finland: It is important and it seems to get bigger and bigger every year but I'm still not sure it is as massive as the games against Liverpool.

Ali Kassem, Lebanon: It's always nice to cement the idea that Manchester is Red and will always be Red. This season though, the derby is about REDemption. Last year's heartache remains fresh in our memories but beating City well will help ease some of the pain. Winning on Monday would also be the final nail in their title challenge, another worthy incentive.

Stefanos Tsichritzis, Greece: The derby has always been fantastic to attend. Not only has it given me an insight into life in Manchester but also the impression that it’s probably the most football-mad city in the world. Of course, there are no City fans in Greece, so you can watch it where you want and when you jump out of your seat and run around the coffee shop, like when Scholes scored in the last minute at the Etihad, elderly people playing backgammon stare at you like you're from the moon!

Is the derby's importance due to City's recent rise?

Omar Altaf, Kuwait: Although I always used to mark my calendar for the derby, it has become the game to watch since all the money started pouring into City from the Middle East. After

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