"It will obviously be difficult to tame the monster we created, but I am sure Sir Alex knows exactly how to deal with Ronaldo."

- Casper Heiselberg, fan, Denmark

08/02/2013 15:00
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Manchester to Madrid

It's vital to have the entire team continuously pressing, concentrating defensively and offensively. It's the type of game where we need 11 players to have an exceptional game. One player might get all the headlines, but it will take a momentous team effort to get a positive result at the Bernabeu.

What effect would beating Real Madrid have on United’s season?

Ethel Sleith, Johannesburg, South Africa: I would think it would be enormous. We’ve had some, shall we say, close results against “lesser” teams this season, and comments from some fans have been less than complimentary. However, if we can get a result against Real and qualify for the next stage of the Champions League, none of that will matter. Not only will it give a boost to the fans, but hopefully it will give the team the impetus to go all the way. It’s a real challenge, but one I think United are capable of meeting.

Where will you be watching the match and who will you watch it with?

Peter Bolton: I'll be watching the game from the Bernabeu in the away section with about five thousand other United fans. I'll be flying out on Tuesday with my usual travelling companions including John Butterfield, who's over 80 years old. Can't wait.

Casper Heiselberg: Having been to both Braga and Istanbul in the group stage this season, I cannot miss this one, so I will be at the Bernabeu on Wednesday. I am also coming over to Manchester for the return leg.

Zeinab Fawaz: I'm very lucky to be going to Madrid for this game. I'll be in the away section of the Bernabeu with many other travelling United fans.

Ethel Sleith: It’s a very late kick-off for us (21:45) but many of us will gather at Silverado, a sports pub on the East Rand, Johannesburg, which has become our home for live United matches on TV. There’s less stress involved when watching in numbers so I'm sure other fans' groups will gather in pubs closest to where they live, all around South Africa. We’re all hoping for a good result, which will make getting up for work the next day a lot easier!

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