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Europe: The story so far

different games that rankle. You think about those more than any other to be honest. It gets depressing if you sit down and think about it too much! But that’s just the way it is and I think players at a lot of clubs would look at it at this level and say, ‘we could have won that game’, or ‘we had a great chance to win it that year’. It’s the nature of playing knockout football and, unless you do win it, it’s all ifs and buts.

Looking at the squad, is the Champions League within United’s reach this season?
I think if we get all our players fit and raring to go then we have got as good a chance as anyone in the competition. I think that’s been our problem over the last couple of years: we’ve had so many injuries, and injuries to important players too. That has really hampered us, especially when it comes down to the real nitty-gritty stage of the season and we’ve got two big games a week. You need your best players to be fit for those situations and that has hurt us a little bit. So hopefully this season we get more luck in that area because, like I say, I think we’ve got players good enough to do well in the Champions League.

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