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We all follow United: Kyle Diller

We all share the same passion for the Reds. Here, Kyle Diller, 24, from Chatsworth in Illinois, USA discusses his long-held United obsession...

So, Kyle, can you explain what makes you support a team that plays thousands of miles away from where you live?
It was all about family for me. My aunt lives in England and she introduced me to Manchester United when I was visiting her in my youth. It was just when Scholes, Giggs and Beckham were coming into their prime, and I was absolutely fascinated. Being from a small town in the United States, I had never even seen a game of soccer (or football, rather) until then. I was completely hooked on the beautiful game, and I've never turned my back on the club that started it all for me.

Sadly, it can be difficult at times supporting from such a distance. Hearing the supporters on television leaves you longing to be there chanting with them. However, we're very fortunate that almost every United match is broadcast live on TV in the United States, so it's easy to follow the club. I've only missed three live matches in the past five seasons, which is something I'm quite proud of.

How popular are United in the States these days?
They're definitely among the top three clubs in terms of popularity in the US, and certainly the most popular Premier League club. Barcelona and Real Madrid are right up there as well, but Manchester United is a big part of the soccer community in our country. There is definitely a big passion here and it seems to be growing every year.

Where do you usually watch the match and who do you watch it with?
I try to get to the pub as much as possible. The Manchester United supporters in Chicago actually have their own pub, which is good fun. A lot of the people who go there are ex-pats who grew up in Manchester but live in Chicago now. Hearing their stories of supporting the club and sharing their passion is a special experience for someone who wasn't fortunate

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