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We all follow United: Kyle Diller

claimed a 3-0 victory. I'll always remember Nani doing his signature celebration, the somersault, right in front of the corner I was sitting in. That was a special moment. To be in the stands at Old Trafford and watch your club crush their biggest rival? Nothing can compare to that.

When have you been happiest in all your years of supporting United?
The nineteenth league title just edges out the 2008 Champions League final for me. I'd love to say the Treble, but I was still quite young in 1999 and didn't fully grasp how monumental the occasion was. Winning that nineteenth league title was just such an incredible moment. The match against Blackburn was actually the same day as my graduation from university. As soon as the final whistle blew, I sprinted from where I was watching the match to my favourite pub, which oddly didn't show the match. I sat there all day and drank three bottles of champagne to celebrate in a state of euphoria. I skipped my graduation, but that didn't matter. United now had a record number of league titles, one more than Liverpool... I couldn't focus on anything else. Pure bliss.

Picture this scenario... you've been asked to be best man at a wedding on the same day United are playing in the Champions League final. What do you do?
Considering I skipped my graduation to celebrate the nineteenth league title, I think I'd have to decline being the best man. Hopefully my friends aren't reading this! Maybe that answer will change as I get a bit older and my friends getting married becomes a reality, but right now I couldn't imagine missing United in the Champions League final.

What makes you most proud to be a Red?
It has to be the history and culture of the club. Sir Alex Ferguson once said that Manchester United is "the most romantic club in the history of world football. And that will never change." That quote sums it up for me. It's more than just winning and losing. Supporting United is much deeper than that. This club has such a remarkable story and it really feels like you're part of something special when you support United. Feeling like part of that is a source of incredible pride for me.

And finally, how do you think United will do this season?
I don't want to jinx it! We're still in the hunt for three trophies and I think we'll definitely win at least one, but it certainly wouldn't surprise me if we win more. Everything is falling into place at the right time. Robin van Persie

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