21/06/2013 13:33,
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Red conquers Everest

How popular is football in Nepal - and would you say Manchester United are the most popular team?
There is no doubt about football being the most popular sport in Nepal. It is enjoyed by the majority of people here but the standard of our game is poor with a limited infrastructure and not enough money for players to make a living. As for foreign teams, United is definitely one of the most popular in Nepal.

Congratulations on reaching the top of Mount Everest – presumably a long-held ambition?
Yes, it has been my ambition to climb Everest for the last few years, but not just for the glory and achievement. More importantly, I also wanted to understand and feel the effects of extreme altitude and know the mountain better so that I can treat people better and provide better help, support and guidance in case of an emergency on the mountain for rescue operations. I had climbed many other peaks below 7,000 metres to prepare myself for the ultimate challenge. Now I have the full picture of what Everest is like.

How long did your climb take, and who did you climb with?
Our expedition took 50 days in total from leaving Kathmandu. After our final acclimatisation rotation, it took me four days to trek from our basecamp to the summit and back to basecamp. I was leading a team of 16 climbers including clients from Canada, Britain, Argentina, USA, Austria and India and, of course, some Sherpas. I actually climbed to the summit without a supporting Sherpa, instead carrying three heavy oxygen cylinders myself so I could really respect and appreciate the work that Sherpas do on the mountain. Many people claim mountaineering records, but hardly anybody speaks about the Sherpas who are behind their success.

If you could climb Everest with one player or person from United, past or present, who would you choose?
I would choose Ryan Giggs to climb with me. He's a legend, and he's been at United throughout the many years I've been supporting the team.

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