22/03/2013 14:40,
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Fans' focus: Player of the Year

Dazzmondo: Carrick’s passing accuracy has been phenomenal and he dictates how we play each game. Some of his long passes, such as the one for Hernandez against Chelsea in the FA Cup, are out of this world. He’s truly one of the best midfielders in the world now.

Robin van Persie

Emmanuel111: I think RvP deserves not just to be United’s Player of the Year but also the PFA Player of the Season. Despite all the hype, pressure and hefty price tag, he has stood his ground and made his mark.

thereddevilreynolds: You can’t deny the impact he had for the first 20-25 games was phenomenal. In my eyes, an impact like that in his first season makes him the front runner.

pp37: Robin van Persie. He has clinched many games for us from the jaws of defeat.

Devil26_forlife: It really has to be RvP. His goals really helped us pull away from the other teams, and because we now have a big lead, the players are playing with great confidence. RvP scored some very, very important goals in the first half of the season like those against Southampton away, Man City away, Liverpool away and West Ham in the Cup. Hopefully he’ll get back to top form soon and make his mark again towards the end of the season.

red chawstonian: I think van Persie just nicks it purely on the impact he's had, transforming a team that ultimately went trophy-less last season to one that was challenging on three fronts in March, and arguably still should be. Not only is he second top scorer in the league but many of those goals have been decisive, such as his hat-trick at St Mary's. He's performed in many of the big games too, scoring at Chelsea, Man City and in both games against Liverpool. He’s also a commendable architect of goals too. He's been an inspiration.

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