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Inside Old Trafford: TV gantry

What’s it like if United score - do you feel the stadium shake?
If we score in one of the big games, against Liverpool or Manchester City, then it may not actually be rocking up there but you can certainly feel it. Nobody is jumping up and down up there, but you look around and see everyone going mad in the stands and you really get a sense of the atmosphere, especially in the big games. It’s amazing really.

Which is your favourite United game that you’ve covered?
I remember when we scored eight against Arsenal and I remember thinking that I couldn’t quite compute what was going on. It’s one of those results that you think, ‘Wow, this is going to be remembered for a long time’. But I think the game that sums United up this season is the 4-3 win over Newcastle on Boxing Day. We went behind three times and ended up coming back to win the game right at the end. It was typical United and a joy to commentate on.

In the press box and commentary positions, the etiquette is to behave in an impartial way. How do you make sure you adhere to that?
Well, it’s not easy when you’re working with Paddy Crerand, is it? The only thing I can do is give it a slightly more impartial air compared to Paddy because it’s like commentating beside Fred the Red! Paddy is passionate about everything when it comes to United and he views every decision and every moment through the eyes of the most ardent fan, which is why he’s great. Ultimately, we do work for MUTV and you have to commentate from that perspective so you want to get that passion across too.

What’s it like to work with Paddy Crerand?
Hilariously funny. If only you could see his team-sheets – which are phonetically written – especially for Champions League matches where the names are naturally more complicated for him to pronounce. I tell him the names and he writes it down phonetically. It’s absolutely brilliant. It’s good fun working with him. Everyone knows him and United fans seem genuinely fond of him. Whenever I speak to anyone, they ask: “Where’s Paddy?” That’s all anyone ever says to me, “Where’s Paddy?” That’s what my career has come to! I’m just the guy that’s with Paddy Crerand.

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