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My United: Liam Fox

Liam Fox is an actor in British TV show Emmerdale. He’s also a United fan. He discusses spilling big Norman Whiteside’s pint and surviving, and his idols Coppell and Cantona…

When and why did you first start supporting United?
My family are all Reds, so it’s a lifelong thing. My nan lived in Heald Green [near Manchester Airport], and was a fanatic because Jeff Whitefoot, her cousin from Cheadle, was a Busby Babe. My nan would be ironing every Saturday afternoon listening to football, shouting and screaming. Great memories!

Your first United match...?
United v Southampton, May 1982. I was a guest of Chris Nicholl of Southampton, as his uncle worked on building sites around Stockport with my dad. I sat next to Alan Ball in the Main Stand and met Kevin Keegan afterwards. Although he’d played for Liverpool, Keegan was a bit of a legend then. United won 1-0 and Scott McGarvey got the winner. I was a Stretford End kid after that (I was 12), awesome atmosphere; £1.20 to get in and 25p for a programme, wow!

Your first United hero, and why?
Steve Coppell. He was a wonder on the wing and he summed up what United are all about – the performance is as important as the result. “Stevie, Stevie Coppell, Stevie Coppell on the wing!” Legend!

Do you get to games?
I didn’t miss a home game from 1983 to 1995. Then, when I went to Salford University money was tight so I went less often. These days I probably get to seven or eight games a year with my son Ben, who loves it.

Which teams do you most love United to beat?
Has to be Liverpool, after all their success in the ’70s and ’80s. It’s been great to have the tables turned for over 20 years. But I can’t dislike them too much these days, as I live in Warrington now and Scousers are everywhere! I

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