22/03/2013 14:39,

Team-mate talk: Büttner and Johnstone

Anders Lindegaard was the first player to face United Uncovered's team-mate challenge in Issue 6 - discussing the qualities and quirks of a colleague selected at random from a pack of Top Trumps - and now Alexander Büttner and Sam Johnstone are next in line to pick a card.

Dutch left-back Büttner and young goalkeeper Johnstone are relatively new to the senior squad, but they've been involved enough this season to tell a few dressing-room tales.

Sam says about the player he picked: “He’s funny, a good character and everyone gets on with him. In training, he’s the one that really keeps you on your toes.” While Alex says of his selection: “He has a good style [with the way he dresses]. Sometimes we joke about it, but I like his style.”

But which Reds colleagues are they talking about? Find out in our exclusive video above.

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