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Van Gaal introduces his backroom staff

have a very good relationship and it is very important to write the programmes that the trainer has to do. It always has to be progressive because it's important that your players are not injured because of the preparation. Until now, we are doing great but we've only had a few days working with the players.

Max Reckers Performance analyst Finally, I can't forget my computer guru – it's unbelievable because he's not only my computer guru, he's like my son. But he's not called van Gaal, his name is Max Reckers and he is a Performance Analyst. He collects all the data that we need. We have a lot of data because at Manchester United there was already a philosophy that you have to measure everything and it's called the sport science department. It's unbelievable what kind of data they have and I'm very pleased that kind of support is already arranged in Manchester. They have supported us very well, not only in sport science but also the medical department and the kit men. It's unbelievable what organisation you have to make for such a big group at such a big club.

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