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Google+ Front Row Hangout: Terms & Conditions

sending or receipt of entry of any Image. Entrants must not submit their entry through third parties. Only entries that are actually submitted in accordance with paragraph 6 and received by MU will be deemed to be a Qualifying Entry for the purposes of the Promotion.

9. The Promotion will close at 23:59 GMT on 5 March 2014 (the "Closing Date") and any entries received after the Closing Date or which do not meet the definition of a Qualifying Entry will not be entered into the Promotion.

10. Subject to this paragraph 10 and paragraph 11, the prize will consist of each Winner (as defined in paragraph 13 below) being given the opportunity to feature in a live video stream via a Google+ hangout ("Live Stream") which shall be displayed on MU's LED banner advertising system during the Manchester United v Liverpool Premier League match to be held at the Stadium on 16 March 2014 (or on any other such date as the match takes place at the Stadium in respect of any re-arrangement) ("Match Day") (the "Prize"). The duration of each Live Stream and the location of each Live Stream on the digital boards is at MU's absolute discretion.

11. In order for any Winner to be eligible to potentially feature in a Live Stream each Winner must:

(i) engage with authorised representatives of MU to take part in a trial in advance of the Match Day to determine that the Winner is able to meet the minimum technical requirements (as specified by MU) and comply with these Conditions to enable the Winner to feature in a Live Stream on the Match Day; (ii) comply with any reasonable requirements specified by MU in respect of their location during a Live Stream; (iii) at all times act in accordance with any and all: (i) laws, statutes, regulations, decisions, rulings, government policies, enactments or instruments (including national, regional, local or municipal laws, regulations or by-laws of any kind whatsoever); and/or (ii) codes of practice, policies and/or decisions of any relevant regulator; in each case which may from time to time be in force anywhere in the world and relevant to any rights and/or obligations of any Winner in connection with this Promotion; (iv) not at any time (either in its Qualifying Entry or during the Live Stream) infringe, or cause to be infringed, any rights (including any intellectual property rights) of MU or any third party in any manner whatsoever (for example, but without limitation, any product placement of brands); (v) at all times act in a manner which is not obscene, inappropriate, disparaging of any person and/or offensive (for example but without limitation: swearing, using hand gestures, smoking, drinking alcohol); and (vi) ensure that any Live Stream does not include any identifiable individual, except the Winner

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