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11/07/2008 08:59

Papers: Ronny weighs in

Ronaldo agrees with Blatter that he is ‘slave’
Cristiano Ronaldo said yesterday that he agreed with controversial comments by Sepp Blatter after the Fifa president claimed that United were effectively indulging in "modern slavery" by refusing their Portuguese winger a transfer to Real Madrid.
Blatter provoked a storm of criticism from all corners of professional football in the wake of his remarks regarding United's treatment of Ronaldo, who entered the row by saying: "I agree with the statement of the president, he is right."
The most fierce attacks on Blatter were launched by black former professionals such as former Watford striker Luther Blissett and United defender Paul Parker, who deemed Blatter's comments grossly offensive to those who had suffered during the slave trade.
Andrew Fifield, The Telegraph

Ronaldo’s comments dominate the column inches devoted to Manchester United today. Elsewhere in The Telegraph, a report claims a Labour Party fundraiser saw more people bid to have lunch with Sir Alex than play tennis with Tony Blair.

Meanwhile, The Mail claim first-team coach Mike Phelan is the popular choice from within Old Trafford to succeed Carlos Queiroz, if Sir Alex’s assistant leaves to take the Portugal job.

In The Times, Tony Cascarino says he almost fell off his chair when he heard Eric Cantona had been mooted as Carlos’ potential successor. Cascarino’s advice? “Cantona is a United legend and should remain that way by staying clear of the role.”

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