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24/07/2008 08:13

Papers: Scholesy's quit plans

Scholes reveals retirement plans
In the aftermath of Manchester United's Champions League Final win over Chelsea, Sir Alex Ferguson's jubilant players queued up to speak to the waiting media. With the exception of one notable absentee. Scholes gave eager reporters and TV crews the slip in Moscow and headed straight for the team bus. "You think about winning trophies for maybe a day or two," he says, "but then it's gone." It was typical Scholes. As he chatted on United's pre-season tour of South Africa, the 33-year-old revealed he has a maximum of two years left at United before ending his distinguished career. "I think I've got two years left at the most," he said. "I can't say I can't wait to finish, but I'm looking forward to finishing and everything that goes with it. I will definitely miss the football. But with the general life of a footballer, people are very invasive, always wanting to know what you're doing."
David McDonnell, Daily Mirror

Sir Alex Ferguson was "given a red card" by the Help The Aged charity for comments about Chelsea's players, reports The Sun. The Reds boss said: "It's hard to see where there’s going to be a big improvement with a [Chelsea] team that's very experienced. How can they accelerate beyond what they've done? I don’t see outstanding progress in a team that's in its 30s." Help The Aged say Sir Alex - 66, don't forget - shouldn't write people off because of age. Wasn't Sir Alex merely questioning how Chelsea could improve any further, compared to United's young, developing side?

The Sun says United and Portsmouth players must "cover up at night" and take malaria tablets to avoid contracting the disease after Arsenal's Kolo Toure was bitten by a mosquito in his native Ivory Coast.

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