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28/11/2008 09:23

Papers: Ronny won't give up

Crazy to kick Ron
Michael Carrick has warned Manchester City to forget about trying to kick Cristiano Ronaldo out of Sunday’s derby. Ronaldo has been targeted all season by thuggish defenders — with a red and two yellows dished out to opponents who took him out in Villarreal on Tuesday night. But team-mate Carrick said: “Cristiano is showing why he’s such a good player. Some players have all the ability in the world, but when they start to get kicked they fade out. What makes him so special is he is happy to come for more. He is world class and that is why he gets so much stick. He is really producing for us.”
Neil Custis, The Sun

Ahead of Sunday's derby, Sir Alex Ferguson has dismissed City’s threat to United’s footballing dominance. The United boss pointed to the Blues' mid-table position and asked: "Where are they at the moment? At this moment in time our threats are still Chelsea and Liverpool, who are sitting above us. Aren't they?"

City's star man Robinho admits he followed the Reds when he was younger in order to watch his hero Ruud van Nistelrooy in action.

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