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21/08/2009 08:14

Papers: Frank talks

Lamps: Blues can Ron away with it
Frank Lampard reckons Cristiano Ronaldo's exit has already given Chelsea the edge over Manchester United.
The Red Devils sold Ronaldo to Real Madrid for £80million this summer. And the Premier League champions suffered an early title blow on Wednesday after losing 1-0 at Burnley.
Lamps insists nobody should be surprised to see United come back to the pack after three straight league triumphs. "It is very difficult to replace Ronaldo. I heard Alex Ferguson say that himself and I don't think he will look to replace him.
"He will look to make the team strong as a whole by not having him. That is the only thing they can do. The amount of times I flicked on the telly and saw Ronaldo had scored and they had won one or two-nil.
"The Burnley game wasn't completely unexpected. I thought it might be a difficult game for them. We have now got a little bit of a lead over them and Liverpool. It is nice to get your noses in front."
The Sun

Lampard isn’t the only one talking about Ronaldo’s exit. There’s a piece in The Guardian that says of Wedensday’s trip to Burnley: “The defeat smacked of a side that is awkwardly negotiating the process of reinventing itself now Cristiano Ronaldo is just a bittersweet memory. The players who have been assigned the task of filling that void, most notably Michael Owen, played in a manner that made you want to watch through your fingers.”

Meanwile, in The Times, Oliver Kay dips into the transfer debate. “There have been some rumours in recent weeks that United haven't completely given up on the idea of signing David Silva from Valencia. There are certainly indications that they might try to sign him and they are also looking for cover in central defence.”

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