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25/02/2009 08:47

Papers: Inter off the hook

Inter 0 United 0
Jose Mourinho got one thing right - nothing was decided at the San Siro last night. But on everything else, Alex Ferguson proved him totally wrong. Mourinho said Manchester United had not come to Milan for fun, they would not stand eye-to-eye with his team, that they were more interested in survival than settling the tie once and for all in the famous old stadium. Well, United have never had greater fun in Europe - and entertained so regally - without scoring a goal. And they did not so much take the game to their hosts, especially in the first half, as run them off the pitch. The only thing Ferguson may live to regret was leaving Wayne Rooney on the bench until the 83rd minute. The England striker must have been blinking in disbelief as United let slip one chance after another — with Dimitar Berbatov the main culprit. And for that, United will look back on last night as not so much one of great control, authority and style but as the evening when they let Inter off the hook.
Steven Howard, The Sun

Jose Mourinho explained why he neglected to shake hands with Sir Alex after the match, saying: "My dugout is special. I have a door that lets me leave immediately. Yesterday I left Sir Alex a £300 bottle of wine at his hotel with a card saying I would see him after the game. There's no problem."

The Daily Mirror's Oliver Holt is confident United will finish the job at Old Trafford. "If Inter conjure a victory out of this tie after the way they were picked apart last night, it will feel like if not the death of football, then at least a heavy blow to its solar plexus," he writes.

Addressing the sub-plot of Cristiano Ronaldo against Zlatan Ibrahimovic at the San Siro, The Daily Mail's Martin Samuel says: "Ibrahimovic postured like a great player, Ronaldo played like one."

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