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26/01/2009 09:24

Papers: The kid's just Fab

Double trouble as Fabio impresses
Fabio Da Silva, Manchester United’s left back from Brazil, left opponents fearing they will soon be seeing double.
Fabio’s identical twin brother Rafael, out because of injury, has already made a startling impact at right back. Now the 18-year-old defenders, signed from Fluminense, are being tipped to make the full back berths their own. Fabio made his senior debut with style and panache against Tottenham in front of 75,000 fans on live TV. Even though his day was cut short by a calf injury that forced him to make way after 52 minutes, it was long enough to convince Sir Alex Ferguson he has as big a United future as his brother.
Peter Ferguson, Daily Mail

First-timer Fabio wasn’t the only United player to impress against Spurs. The Telegraph’s Jim White purred over Paul Scholes’ performance: “Anyone wanting to understand from where Ferguson's success has sprung these past 15 years need only to have watched Scholes for 20 minutes in the first half as he utterly dictated the game.”

Former Liverpool forward Stan Collymore has branded Sir Alex Ferguson a “big-time Charlie” after alleging the United boss is trying to dictate to the FA on how football should be run. Writing in the Daily Mirror under the headline ‘Ferguson just doesn’t know when to shut up’, Collymore says Sir Alex should “not attempt to be a football administrator”.

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