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24/07/2009 08:16

Papers: Gill sounds warning

Huge wages will spark meltdown
Manchester United chief executive David Gill has warned big-spending Chelsea and Manchester City they face uncertain futures at the whim of billionaire owners who are lavishing millions on buying short-term success. With City poised to offer Chelsea £50million for captain John Terry and hand him £1m a month in wages, this summer has seen a staggering increase in the top money paid to the Barclays Premier League’s star players. And the backlash against huge spending grew last night, with UEFA warning they are considering ways of disciplining clubs if they spend too much by banning them from European competition. In the wake of Sportsmail’s revelations that City are wooing 28-year-old Terry with a £250,000 a week pay offer, Gill said: "We’re not in the market for 27, 28 or 29-year-olds for loads of money. It doesn’t make sense. We have our own models and targets and we are operating within those. That’s because we are operating for the medium and long term. We are not at the whim of someone pulling out and losing interest. You’d have to speak to those clubs about their plans for the medium and long term. United has been around since 1878 and our job is to make sure it's still around for many more years in a sensible fashion."
Ian Ladyman, Daily Mail

The United chief executive also said there is little possibility of the Premier League season being extended to accommodate an overseas fixture despite the popularity of pre-season tours to the Far East.

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