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12/06/2009 09:24
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Papers: Ronaldo reaction

Cristiano Ronaldo's proposed depature to Real Madrid has set tongues wagging - not least in opinion columns across Britain's newspapers. Here is a selection of the individual reactions from Friday's tabloids and broadsheets...

"Such is the ability of Ferguson to rebuild that even on the day he seems about to lose the world’s best player, he has never been in a stronger position. The sale of Cristiano Ronaldo may mark the end of yet another era but the arrival in his place of Franck Ribery – Ferguson’s most likely target as a replacement – will inevitably usher in another. It is like something out of Doctor Who, and this will be the biggest budget series yet. Bryan Robson became Eric Cantona. David Beckham regenerated as Ronaldo. Each wore the famous No7 shirt, each played the role differently with his own supporting cast."
Matthew Dunn, Daily Express

"The northern sky is dimmer with Ronaldo's proposed £80m move from Manchester United to Real Madrid, but broken hearts are fewer than expected. About the only prize not claimed by the Fifa World Player of the Year in his six years in England was the adoration of the wider public, who loved his skills but not his ways."
Paul Hayward, The Guardian

"It might have been hard to like Ronaldo but it was harder still not to admire him. Even if Ferguson is allowed to invest all the £80m from his sale in the purchase of new players, United will be a poorer team without Ronaldo. The sad thing is that Ronaldo will almost certainly be a poorer player without United, too. At Old Trafford, he had men like Wayne Rooney and Carlos Tevez who would run themselves into the ground for the team and leave the glory to him. Despite that, he has agitated for a move to Madrid like a little boy tugging at his mummy’s sleeve, whining and whimpering until he gets what he wants."
Oliver Holt, Daily Mirror

"The departure of Cristiano Ronaldo can be the making of Wayne Rooney. Rooney has become a frustrated figure at Manchester United, having been pushed wide left to accommodate Ronaldo. That was never more apparent than in the Champions League final defeat by Barcelona when Ronaldo played for himself and Rooney was left throwing his arms around in despair. The central danger area should be Rooney territory, as he has proved by his brilliant goalscoring run - 10 in his last

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