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27/03/2009 09:34

Papers: One more year?

Alex to quit next year
Sir Alex Ferguson will quit as Manchester United boss at the end of next season — claims his son Darren. Fergie Jnr believes his 67-year-old dad will be happy once United overhaul Liverpool’s record 18 league titles. Peterborough boss Darren said: "His health is fine and he’s building a new team. If they win this year then they catch Liverpool in terms of titles won. I can see him doing this year and next — and then that might be it for him."
Neil Custis, The Sun

All the daily newspapers report that David Beckham has defended Wayne Rooney's feisty demeanour on the pitch. England boss Fabio Capello reportedly told Wayne he was "a crazy man" for punching the corner flag after being sent off at Fulham. But Becks says: “You don’t get the exceptional talent and player you have without that side of Wayne’s game. If you take that away he becomes a different player, a different animal."

The Sun reckons United's recent back-to-back league defeats are down to the colour of Edwin van der Sar's shirt. "The champions have been alerted to the fact they have a far better record when the Dutch keeper wears yellow as opposed to blue," writes the paper's Neil Custis.

Xavi Alonso tells the Daily Star Liverpool are better than United because they've won two games against us this season. “Liverpool have demonstrated this season that they are superior to United in the two matches between the teams," he reckons.

The same paper runs a story about the Premier League's top four clubs going "back to the future" with retro kits for next season, while the Independent says Ben Foster will start in goal for England against Slovakia.

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