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27/04/2010 08:25

Papers: No favours for Blues

Lamps: We expect no favours
Frank Lampard is expecting no special favours at Anfield on Sunday, even though victory for Chelsea would almost certainly prevent Manchester United surpassing Liverpool's all-time record of 18 league titles. With both Chelsea and United ending the season with home matches against teams in the bottom half of the table, this weekend is likely to prove decisive in the contest to win the Premier League. Lampard, though, is dismissive of those conspiracy theories which suggest that Liverpool would prefer Chelsea to prevail. "There is no chance that 11 Liverpool players can go out and consider Manchester United winning the championship on that game," said Lampard. "They will go out to win the game. The manager's professional, the players are professional. They will give everything. If we don't turn up, if we play slow and don't play with the intensity that we did against Stoke, then we will lose at Anfield. For us, win two games and you win the league."
Jeremy Wilson, Daily Telegraph

Wayne Rooney agrees with Lampard. "I don’t think Liverpool would throw the game in any way," insisted the United striker who, according to the Daily Mail, could feature in Sunday's game at Sunderland. "I don't need to have a word with Stevie [Gerrard] about making sure Liverpool win. You see what a good player and competitor he is even in friendly games. He wants to win and I'm sure he will want to win this one."

Gerrard says Liverpool are not thinking about the title race and are instead focused on fulfilling their own goals. "We are underdogs for fourth position, but we have Everton breathing down our necks and we certainly don't want them finishing above us."

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