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11/08/2010 08:46

Papers: Can I get a witness?

Fergie called as character witness
Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson has leapt to the defence of his former No.2 Carlos Queiroz, who is battling to save his job as Portugal coach. Ferguson testified on Queiroz's behalf at a Portuguese FA hearing into charges he was aggressive and insulting toward an anti-doping team sent to test the Portugal squad ahead of the World Cup. Queiroz has denied disrupting the tests but could be suspended - and consequently fired - if he is found guilty. Ferguson was among the witnesses called by Queiroz to provide character references at a disciplinary hearing in Lisbon. Queiroz was Ferguson's assistant at Old Trafford for five years before taking charge of Portugal. "He's a fantastic coach and teacher, and his main purpose in life is to develop young people, to inspire them and to make sure they turn out good human beings, so that's the reason I'm here to support him, because I know him well and he's a great man of great dignity," Ferguson said after testifying at the hearing. "Carlos is one of the good guys."
The Mirror

Elsewhere, both The Independent and The Mirror claim Barcelona remain in pole position to sign Werder Bremen midfielder Mesut Ozil, while The Star carries quotes from Paul Scholes praising Javier Hernandez.

Sarah Crompton, in The Telegraph, bemoans the lack of a Cantona-type cult figure in the modern-day Barclays Premier League. She writes: "I can’t think of a single player in the current Premier League who comes anywhere near. Sky Sports have obviously reached a similar conclusion. When they wanted to build a billboard campaign there was only one face 'big' enough to turn to, only one man who could announce: 'In uncertainty lies the drama of life' and not provoke derisive jeers."

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