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12/07/2010 07:33

Papers: United snub ominous

Sneijder's United sub is a sign of bad times
On the surface it was just another wild transfer rumour, alive and dead in little more than a day. Manchester United were claimed to have offered £29million for Wesley Sneijder; Sneijder said he wanted to stay with Inter Milan; Sir Alex Ferguson sniffed he hadn’t bid and wasn’t interested anyway. Sneijder, however, did not know it was mere speculation. He was asked about an event that had been widely reported, with no reason to doubt its sincerity. Maybe, given the slightest encouragement, United would then have contacted Milan with the promise of hard cash. Sneijder was unequivocal, though. Unlike marquee names such as Cesc Fabregas, Fernando Torres and Javier Mascherano, he knew he did not want a change this summer. Like them, however, he was no longer entirely convinced by the Premier League. His words represented another slap down for English football in what is fast becoming a summer of them. Usually, after a World Cup, the English arrive to squabble over the spoils. Not this year. All the noise in South Africa has been from leading players agitating to get away from Premier League clubs.
Martin Samuel, Daily Mail

Twenty-four hours earlier, the Daily Mail's sister paper ran these quotes from Sir Alex: "I don't know where those reports about Sneijder came from. How can anybody turn me down when I haven't even made a bid?"

The boss also went on to tell The Mail on Sunday's Bob Cass: "I believe the squad is stronger than last season with the younger players having another year under their belts."

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