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21/06/2010 09:09

Papers: Lay off Wayne

Ron's plea to England fans
Cristiano Ronaldo has told England fans to lay off Wayne Rooney - insisting his former Manchester United team-mate needs more help. Rooney was booed after failing to impress in poor draws against the USA and Algeria. And Ronaldo said: "Wayne tried very hard but it is difficult when things don't happen. If the team doesn't score, it is always the big player's fault. But Wayne can't do it on his own."
The Sun

The newspapers are, not surprisingly, dominated by talk of "bitterness and unrest in Camp England" (Daily Mail) following the John Terry-led talks with Fabio Capello. The Mirror claims a gang of nine players, including Wayne, threatened the coach with a revolt.

If the players objected to Fabio's formation, they have an ally in United captain Gary Neville. The Reds defender is quoted in the Daily Star as saying, "I was surprised at the insistence on continuing to play 4-4-2 against Algeria. (The match) was made for Steven Gerrard to get closer to Wayne Rooney. You could see Rooney getting frustrated by the lack of possession. Our best player against Algeria, Gerrard, was sacrificed to the left. He should be in central positions affecting the game."

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