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29/06/2010 09:18

Papers: No winter warmers

No winter warmers in England
Fabio Capello's pleas for a winter break will fall on deaf ears - because his boss Sir Dave Richards is also head of the Premier League that will not let it happen. Capello insisted last night that one of the reasons for England's World Cup flop was that his players turned up shattered from their exertions. The Italian said: "The English players arrive at the end of the season tired. They trained well, they were focused on everything, but it was not the same players that I know. All of my coaches agreed we are not the same team that we know. We need a winter break. Germany always arrive in the second part of the season very well. It's really important to recover the force in this period."
Martin Lipton, Daily Mirror

The Daily Express says that the Premier League isn't as good as the Bundesliga for producing home-grown talent.

It's a point that Tottenham and Argentina legend Ossie Ardiles agrees with in the Daily Telegraph. He adds: "The very best things about the Premier League - the styles of Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United - rely on the playmakers being foreigners."

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