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28/06/2010 08:34

Papers: Reds unearth a gem

United may have unearthed £7m diamond (Argentina 3 Mexico 1)
He may have been deprived of a reunion with his old English chums but why would Diego Maradona care two hoots? His men eased past Mexico to set up their own revenge date in Cape Town this Saturday with their conquerors on penalties at the last World Cup. Yet while their triumph was emphatic enough, they needed the impetus of a second episode to deeply embarrass Fifa within the space of six hours. After Frank Lampard’s ghost goal fiasco, the last thing Fifa needed was the nonsense of a referee awarding an opening goal to Argentina which seconds later was being shown as clearly offside to the entire 84,000 crowd. Mexico offered skill and heart three goals down to make a game of it, [and] Javier Hernandez clawed one back with a brilliant effort which will warm his new employers at Old Trafford. Mexico’s fight was commendable. Argentina scrambled a couple away off the line and Hernandez headed just wide, before spinning away from Demichelis and Otamendi to fire home. Too little, too late.
Ian Chadband, Daily Telegraph

Daily Mail columnist Martin Samuel can't understand why Sir Alex isn't chasing free transfer Joe Cole. "The curious contradiction around the future of Joe Cole is that it is hard to see why Tottenham think they need him," he writes, "and harder still to discern why United think they don't."

At first this idea from Daily Telegraph writer Mark Ogden seems to border on lunacy, but as an alternative to goal-line technology, the more you think about it the more sensible it becomes. He writes: "Rip up the turfed area behind the goal-line and replace it with a sand-pit. It will cost peanuts, even clubs at the lowest level could afford it and, crucially, if the ball rattles the crossbar before bouncing [behind the goal-line] like Frank Lampard’s, it will stop dead as soon as it hits the sand."

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