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09/11/2010 10:38

Papers: Derby no big deal

David McDonnell writes in the Daily Mirror...

City all talk and no action
Patrice Evra has taunted Manchester City ahead of tomorrow's derby by saying they are all talk and never deliver on the pitch. City chief executive Garry Cook has boasted of how the club, already the richest on the planet, will soon be bigger than United in their relentless quest for world domination. But United defender Evra said talk is cheap and claimed City have yet to prove themselves equal to United where it matters most - on the field. "They always say that," said Evra. "They always say that [they are bigger than us] and they never beat us." Evra also tried to wind up City over their perceived inferiority complex by claiming it will be nothing special to United if they win - because they have bigger ambitions than simply beating their local rivals." If we win it's a good result for Manchester United," said Evra. "But it will be normal, it will not be so special."

Other quotes include Carlos Tevez lamenting Wayne Rooney's decision to stay at United and not follow him to City. Headlines include "I wish Roo had turned Blue" in The Sun.

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