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30/08/2011 09:54

Papers: Rooney's revival

Richard Williams writes in The Guardian...

Wayne Rooney's revival…
It was not just the two beautifully executed free-kicks and the exemplary penalty. Everything else about Wayne Rooney's performance against Arsenal on Sunday spoke of a player restored to the peak of his powers, looking – perhaps more than at any time since his teenage years – as though he could take a football and do anything with it that he wished. This was the performance of a complete no.10 in the classic mould, a fantasist and a finisher in one package, inspiring his colleagues with a flow of nimble-witted, technically flawless interventions. The match was not a quarter of an hour old and still goalless when he orchestrated a move, involving multiple exchanges between Anderson, Ashley Young, Danny Welbeck and himself, which looked like a high‑spirited, anything-you-can-do pastiche of Arsenal's own intricate style. His new, slimmer silhouette seemed to be everywhere, at the heart of everything his side did. And this from a man who, quite recently, could not trap a bag of suet.

Elsewhere, there's still plenty of praise for United's performance in the 8-2 win over Arsenal on Sunday. Amid the gushing, though, The Star claim Danny Welbeck could be ruled out for up to six weeks with a torn hamstring, a period that tallies with Sir Alex's initial estimate given immediately after the match.

A number of outlets have run lengthy Tom Cleverley pieces, using a mix of quotes from our United Review interview and his post-match reaction following Sunday's match. The Sun focus on "the banner that inspired Tom" [United fans unfurled a "Who needs Wesley [Sneijder]? We've got Cleverley" banner at West Brom], while the Daily Express major on Tom's international ambitions.

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