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29/08/2011 11:46

Papers: Reds so good, it hurts

Martin Samuel writes in the Daily Mail...

United shot Bambi - and Fergie felt the pain
They kept going until the end, bless them. The supporters, not the team. They began the second half determined to stay proud, to stay loud, to let their love and devotion show; but, by God, it was hard. As the fourth, the fifth, the sixth, the seventh eluded a traumatised Wojciech Szczesny in Arsenal’s goal, there were moments when the away end was stunned into momentary silence. Then they rallied and the songs began again, but softer this time, as if struggling to find a voice. It must have been horrible, trying to remain boisterous and upbeat on the outside while crying within. By the time Ashley Young scored Manchester United’s eighth, it was almost too painful for neutrals to watch, and even the most partisan figure in the stadium was shuffling uncomfortably in his seat. ‘You don’t want to score more,’ said Sir Alex Ferguson, and he sounded entirely sincere. All knew where he was coming from. Ferguson likes Arsenal, the way all football romantics do. He likes the way they play, he likes what Arsene Wenger stands for; he likes their youth, he likes their boldness. There are plenty of teams that Ferguson would relish putting eight past, and he is hardly a man without a vibrant list of grudges. Just not Arsenal. Put eight past any team managed by Rafael Benitez, maybe, but Wenger is his ally now and Ferguson invariably leaps to his defence. So this was difficult, watching his team do more than any other to dismantle the mantra that Arsene knows. United had shot Bambi; and it left a great many feeling uneasy at the bloody scene.

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