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21/07/2011 09:02

Papers: Becks backs Reds

The Sun reports...

Becks: Only one team in Manchester
David Beckham has told Manchester City: You'll never be United. The former Old Trafford star is set to face his old side's local rivals in a friendly on Sunday night. City face Beckham's LA Galaxy at the Home Depot Center as they warm up for the new Premier League season. But the ex-England captain insists that despite a wealth of talent, they will not topple United. He said: "They've brought in good players but they're never going to be Manchester United. They might be a threat against teams this season but Manchester United have got the history and the silverware over the last 20 years. I'm a United fan so I'm always going to say that though. There's only one team in Manchester. Manchester City may be a team to look at going forward."

Meanwhile, Kiko Macheda is widely quoted on his nightmare loan spell at Sampdoria. The United striker spent six months in the Sampa squad as they unsuccessfully battled relegation, and revealed: "I couldn’t really go out of my house in the six months I was there, because there was always the chance you’d end up fighting with fans who were angry with us. So it wasn’t the best situation."

In transfer news, Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp claims that United and Manchester City are both interested in Croatian midfielder Luka Modric, who has recently been the subject of rejected bids from Chelsea. "Everyone wants Luka," Redknapp told The Sun. "Just ask Alex Ferguson what he thinks of him, ask Roberto Mancini at Manchester City - they all want him. He could play for Barcelona."

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