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24/10/2011 10:30

Papers: Akin to Sir Alex

Neil Custis writes in The Sun...

Mancini has got magic of Ferguson
Sir Alex Ferguson has seen off a total of 16 Manchester City bosses since he arrived at Old Trafford 25 years ago. You sense it will be some time before he waves goodbye to No 17. OK, Roberto Mancini has been afforded the sort of riches that most rival managers can only imagine. But as Ferguson graciously pointed out in his programme notes, it takes managerial expertise to organise the overhaul of a club and send it moving in the right direction. Ferguson commented 'Roberto Mancini knows exactly what he is doing'. And yesterday more than ever he proved just how right the masterful Scot's view is. It is one thing having the players. But it is quite another forging a spirit and style of play that produces probably the most stunning result in Premier League history. Highly-paid stars come with egos and Mancini has to deal with plenty of them. He takes no nonsense from anyone. He confronts, he shouts, he demands more and more. It is his way or no way. But it is the way that works. How do you think Ferguson achieved everything he has?

In the Manchester Evening News, the behaviour of United and City fans at Sunday's derby is praised. Chief Supt John O’Hare, of Greater Manchester Police, said: "The derby is always an event where emotions run high and today was no exception. We are grateful to the vast majority of people that attended today, whose conduct was exemplary and they enjoyed this fixture in the true spirit of the game."

Elsewhere, the Independent says Luis Suarez will this week meet with the FA to discuss Patrice Evra’s claims he was racially abused at Anfield.

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