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30/09/2011 09:38

Papers: Scholes on Tevez

Jim White writes in The Telegraph...

Scholes: I understand Tevez
In the white noise brouhaha surrounding the Carlos Tévez affair, Paul Scholes offers a quiet word from another perspective. One which seeks to understand the player. “I can see his point of view, yeah,” says the recently retired Manchester United midfielder. “His state of mind will be that he’s being messed around by the manager. And you could say he’s got a case. He was far and away City’s best player last year. And he hasn’t featured this season. He’ll look at the Napoli game when they were struggling and he’s only been brought on with 10 minutes to go, he’ll see he’s been left out of the Everton game, he’ll watch [Mario] Balotelli coming in to the team instead of him and all that will rile him. He’d have thought he should be playing against Bayern Munich after the Manchester City forwards didn’t play well against Everton. He is someone who wants to be playing... The state of mind he’s in he’ll think what he’s done is the only way to get his manager back. I’m not saying it’s right, of course it isn’t. But I understand it.”

Scholes' quotes - gleaned to promote his new autobiography - appear in most papers. He goes on to recall when he declined to play in a League Cup tie away to Arsenal 10 years ago after he'd been omitted from a couple of Premier League games. "I regretted it immediately," he says. "It was a stupid thing to do. And I’m sure over time Carlos will come to regret what he did."

An extract from Scholes' book in The Sun recalls Sir Alex's fondness for taking part in training. The Reds legend writes, "You could see he had a nice left foot and he loved taking penalties. Nobody could ever save them - or perhaps I should say nobody dared to save them!"

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