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20/02/2012 09:53

Papers: We're great rivals

Ben Smith writes in The Times

The greatest rivalry
Sir Alex Ferguson believes that English football must celebrate Manchester United’s great rivalry with Liverpool and admitted the clubs need each other more than ever. The United manager, who displayed his softer side in a rare and candid interview, also reiterated his feeling that Harry Redknapp should be the next England manager and revealed the music he keeps on his iPod. “The thing about us and Liverpool is the rivalry,” he told BBC Radio 5 Live in an interview to be broadcast this evening. “The rivalry is unparalleled. They are the most fantastic games. They’re unparalleled in British history in terms of the success of both clubs and that’s why we need each other.” Ferguson also spoke of his life away from his work, confirming he is a football addict who spends much of his home life watching matches with his grandchildren. “I normally watch a game every night,” he said.

With the Reds not in action over the weekend, there's little else United-related in the papers this morning. There are, however, a few snippets of transfer news bobbing about around the internet, some of which we've rounded up in our transfers blog, The Gossip.

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