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30/07/2012 10:50

Papers: Ryan's magic moment

The Daily Express' John Wragg writes...

Magic Olympic moment for Giggs
Ryan Giggs has won more trophies than any other footballer in Britain, but last night he wrote another chapter for his book of memories. Giggs headed a 16th-minute goal for Great Britain, the nation he is captaining in the twilight of his career, that helped create a path deep into this competition. After an exciting first half, in which Giggs played an epic role, Team GB allowed the United Arab Emirates back into the match... Giggs’ goal was a gem. Not in the way he scored it, a simple header at the back post, but in the repetitive precise passing that brought it. It has to be a moment Giggs will look back on as one of the highlights of a career bedazzled with big moments. The ball moved among the team with care and precision, Bellamy, out on the left, finally swinging in a cross that Giggs headed home. A rare thing for Giggs to head a goal. Rare for a 38-yeard-old to be still playing for his country. Rarer still for it all to be done in the name of Great Britain.

Most of the daily papers have written variations on the same theme, with Giggs' exploits for Team GB gaining plenty of praise.

Elsewhere, The Sun have run quotes from the new edition of Inside United, in which Sir Alex promises fans the Reds will be better in Europe this season. The boss told the official magazine: "We’ll qualify from the group stages. I’ll make sure of it. European football is hugely important to us and we must compete for the biggest trophies. We need to make a statement — and show everybody last season was just a blip.”

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