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22/05/2012 09:41

Papers: Ryan's Olympic dream

Antony Kastrinakis writes in The Sun
Ryan Giggs dreams of turning out alongside David Beckham for Great Britain at the Olympics. It would give fans the chance to see the two Manchester United legends playing together for the first time since Becks quit Old Trafford in 2003 for Real Madrid. Giggs said: “Becks is obviously a friend of mine and he’s a great player - and still remains that. I started my career with him in the youth team. Twenty years later to be still doing that would be great.” The Welsh winger has spoken to GB boss Stuart Pearce about a place in the squad. “Yeah I’ve put myself forward to be involved. Whether I get picked we’ll have to wait and see. Everybody is excited about the Olympics coming to London and to different parts of Britain. I’ve spoken to Stuart, but I think the majority of players have.”

Elsewhere, The Telegraph's cricket columnist (and former England batsman), Steve James, wonders how Gary Neville will juggle his England coaching role with his Sky Sports commentary duties. James writes:

"It is not so much a conflict of interest. It is a full-blown riot. No coach worth his salt criticises one of his players in public. No pundit worth his salt holds back for fear of upsetting a close associate on the field. As a wise old owl in this business, a former international sportsman himself, told me when I started out: 'You can’t call yourself a proper journalist until you’ve dissed one of your mates and he’s still talking to you!' Neville has had no problem doing that as an opinionated and trenchant television analyst, but could he continue in that vein about players whom he is advising and talking to confidentially? Of course, he couldn’t."

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