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15/10/2012 08:22

Papers: Tom's trophy quest

John Cross writes in the Daily Mirror...

I've won nothing
Tom Cleverley admits he needs a decent medal collection before he will have anything to shout about. England midfielder Cleverley, 23, says he was “annoyed” at criticism that he launched his own website and was planning his own clothing range. But Cleverley - who has been dating TV star Georgina Dorsett - says that he will never let success go to his head and his website is geared to raising money for charity. The Manchester United starlet said: “It wasn’t right. It was something I was doing for charity and I don’t want to talk about that, I just want to talk about football. I have got my feet on the floor, I always try to stay grounded and always have. I got a day off on Saturday and just went back to my Mum’s in Bradford. I don’t want to sit here and say I am completely level headed but it does annoy me a bit when people say I’m getting ahead of myself. I won League One at Leicester and the Community Shield, if that counts and that’s about it. I am a big believer that if you work hard enough you can achieve a lot, as much as you want. That hard work will carry on and hopefully I will be sitting here next season with a few bits of silverware."

Elsewhere in the Mirror it's claimed England manager Roy Hodgson "will have to decide between Michael Carrick and Tom Cleverley" in the centre of midfield for tomorrow's match against Poland, with Steven Gerrard due to return following his suspension. Hodgson also has "a major dilemma up front and could bring in Jermain Defoe to lead the attack, even though Danny Welbeck scored twice at Wembley on Friday night".

The Independent claim The Premier League, in an effort to promote local talent, "is considering offering millions of pounds to clubs for fielding British Under-21s". The story reveals that only 43 home-grown players of that age group made first-team appearances in last season's Premier League competition.

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