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05/09/2012 09:36

Papers: Rooney's injury woe

The Daily Mirror have published exclusive extracts today from Wayne Rooney's forthcoming book, My Decade in the Premier League...

Rooney: I get grumpy when I'm injured
When I’m out injured I know I can’t train or help the lads prepare for the next match so, typically, I get grumpy, a bit like someone would when they have to give up smoking or coffee, I’d imagine. I have breakfast with the team in the canteen and when it’s time to start work, they go one way to the training pitches and I go the other to the physio’s room and the gym. They’re playing small-sided games out on the training pitches and I’m getting checked out. It’s boring. I’m a fidgety patient. I get snappy. I go quiet. I don’t get fed up with the treatment or the physios and club doctors, I just want to get out there and play in the practice games like everyone else. The worst thing is that the rehab process messes around with my head. I feel left out at the club. I miss the banter and the crack in the dressing-room. As I’m not fit enough to play, I don’t even get to spend the night in the team hotel with the rest of the lads before the next game. I have to stay at home, then drive into the training ground the following morning for some more boring recovery work...

You can read more extracts from Rooney's book, out 13 September, in today's edition of the Daily Mirror.

Elsewhere, The Sun claim, sensationally, that United made a deadline-day £38million bid for Brazilian star Neymar. The club denied the story on Wednesday morning and, further, insisted no bid had been made for the Santos starlet at any point during this summer's transfer window.

A number of papers, including The Sun and The Independent, report on United's Champions League squad announcement. Darren Fletcher's inclusion warrants the most column inches, with The Independent claiming the club are "positive" about a return to action.

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